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Your Ultimate Guide to the
Field of Sign Language Interpreting

THE PROFESSIONAL SIGN LANGUAGE INTERPRETER'S HANDBOOK, authored by Linda Humphreys, is a comprehensive, invaluable, and wonderful resource for both the deaf and interpreting communities. Everyone, including interpreters and those who wish to join the interpreting profession, service agencies, professionals working with deaf and hard of hearing individuals, and consumers who work with sign language interpreters, will want to have this HANDBOOK in their libraries.

   Nancy J. Bloch
   Chief Executive Officer, Emeritus
   National Association of the Deaf

Finally, it’s here! THE PROFESSIONAL SIGN LANGUAGE INTERPRETER'S HANDBOOK is the “missing link” between interpreter training programs (ITPs) and the real world of sign language interpreting. In these pages, Linda Humphreys bridges "the gap" between academic theories and the day-to-day reality of working as a professional interpreter.

Packed with valuable resources, THE HANDBOOK is a must-have for the fields of:

• Career/Vocational/Personal Counseling
• Vocational Rehabilitation
• Disability Advocacy/Service Providing
• Deafness
• Sign Language Interpreting
• Interpreter Training

Also a must-have for:
Hospitals Clinics Libraries Courts Mediation Centers Law Centers Judicial Councils Law Firms Mental Health Facilities Counseling Centers Social Service Agencies Federal, State and Local Government Agencies Human Resources/Personnel Offices Equal Employment Opportunity Offices Churches Temples Businesses Corporations Public and Private Schools Middle Schools High Schools Colleges and Universities Departments of Education School Boards District Offices Continuing /Adult Education Programs Vocational Schools Recovery Programs Career Counseling Centers Rehabilitation Centers Disability/Advocacy Service Providing Agencies and Offices Foreign Language Interpreting Agencies Sign Language Interpreting Agencies Interpreter Training Programs ADA Compliance Offices


3rd Edition!

Soft cover
8.5" x 11"
Over 325 pages


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